Retirement Planning

With the traditional pension disappearing and the viability of social security in question, the 401(k) plan can be a prudent and important way people can save for retirement. And it's one of the most valuable benefits an employer provides.

Retirement planning

  • Assessing your preparation for retirement and creating a plan to help you prepare
  • Assessment and recommendations for your company-sponsored retirement plan accounts (401(k)s, 403(b)s, Thrift Savings Plans, etc.)
  • Management of retirement plan directed-brokerage arrangements
  • Coordination of your retirement accounts with your other investments 
  • Establishing and managing individual retirement accounts (IRAs) 

Retirement cash flow modeling to help you work towards income planning needs

  • Which assets to spend and in what order
  • Identification and development of guaranteed income sources
  • Integrated what-if planning

Yet many people fail to take advantage of their 401(k). Why? 
    • Confusion – people don’t get it 
    • It's self-directed – it requires proactive action from the participant 
    • “Living in the day” – people fail to plan for the future 
    • Time – people are too busy to focus on it 
    • Fear – people are afraid of making mistakes

And many people make critical 401(k) mistakes: 
    • Underfunding 
    • Underinvesting 
    • Overtrading 
    • Panic 
    • Avoidance