Timing Is Everything

Timing Is Everything

June 15, 2021
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 Is it time to open up the planet?

To be with old friends wherever we can?

To breathe deeply of fresh air?

And to frolic without a care?


As long as you are fully vaccinated . . .



Timing Is Everything

The concept that “timing is everything” is a thought that is oft repeated but not often thought. Nevertheless, it is true. Think for a moment about how often timing has made a difference in your life.

At a critical point in my life I was in the process of moving, and temporarily moved in with my mother in Great Falls, Virginia. I spent many of my nights down the street at a tavern named the Old Brogue. (Good for me and my mother.) On one such night I met a lovely lady who later became my wife. She was meeting a friend and hadn’t been there in years.

We focus tons of energy on time and make use of myriad references like time flies, time is of the essence, time is short, long time no see, what time is it?

Perhaps we focus on it too much. We let time rule our lives like some gatekeeping ogre. Certainly we have places to be and things to do but if we just take a moment and widen our focus we might be transported from the clutches of time.

“Do not dread the things that may come.

Revel that you are here to accept them.” Anon


What are the “long days” that people sometimes complain about? Do we live on Mars? (Not yet.) We all succumb to these sayings referring to time:

Long Days. (Every day is 24 hours no matter how long it feels.)

Time is too short. (This seems to always be the case when we do not pay attention to it.)

I do not have the time. (You have the same 24 hours in a day as everybody else.)

Make time. (This relates to someone trying to force a change in your schedule after you have already made your priorities.)

Time flies. (Well, time is no longer an absolute; so maybe.)

Think of the many occasions you were not where you might have been and things went good or bad.

You happen on a traffic accident too late to be involved. You didn’t buy Facebook for $25, or Apple for $30. You sold Cisco at its high in 1999.

There are numerous examples where timing changed history:

Around 65 million years ago, bad timing killed the dinosaurs. If the asteroid had hit the earth a few minutes earlier or later, the deadly world-altering collision would have occurred in deeper water. Oh, there still would have been a huge mess to clean up but the Dino’s would, perhaps, still rule the world.

During WWII the race was on between the U. S. A. and Germany to build the first atomic bomb. The great minds of Einstein, Oppenheimer, and Szilard (who was inspired by an H.G. Wells work) et al. came together and ultimately won that race. Imagine if Germany had won.

The Ford Edsel was years ahead of its time technologically, but not in terms of reliability. It was supposed to be the “car of the future” with many advanced features, but met with an early demise due to its mechanical flaws and unfortunate timing of its release during a recession when buyers wanted something more fuel-efficient.

And we all heard about a lottery winner dying the next day and a death row inmate receiving a pardon too late, thanks to the song “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette.

I am sure many of you have personal examples of good and bad timing. You got the job, made the flight, missed the boat, or got stuck with the tab.

Here is another chance to have GOOD timing. There is no better time to:

Get your fiscal house in order.

Save for the kid’s college.

Prepare for retirement.


Give me a call. It is about time!



The inimitable Bonnie Raitt, “Nick of Time”



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