New Year's, AGAIN?

New Year's, AGAIN?

January 18, 2022
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Again a new year springs fresh upon us

It’s so regular it should no longer surprise

But every year we get caught unawares

A new year is here and we are unprepared

Oh, we make promises and resolutions

Same ones from before with no solutions

We swear we will do this or that

To tune up, get in shape, lose the fat


By March we have usually run out of steam

Why to ourselves must we be so mean?

Why toil incessantly and deny our nature?

Creatures of leisure with life’s joys to savor

Many years ago, I mean MANY, I would make New Year’s resolutions. Then one day I thought, “Why do we wait until January to change our lives?”

I could not come up with a good answer, except that it let me procrastinate until the beginning of the following year. So I decided never to make another New Year’s resolution.

If you are capable of keeping a resolution that will improve your life, you should make it as soon as you figure out it will improve your life!

“I’ll quit smoking as soon as I finish this pack of cigarettes. Why waste the money?” —Every smoker I have known

Very few of us are procrastination-free. We know we should eat better, workout more, or at least work out, spend more time away from the internet, etc. Unfortunately, the world is arrayed against you.

The cell phone, the computer, and the TV are all designed to feed a part of your brain that wants you to keep using them. Dopamine hits from all their inputs to keep you engaged.

Dopamine is an organic chemical released in the brain, associated with pleasurable feelings. Good food, pretty people, and Brad Pitt all release dopamine into your brain. Why do you think Facebook, oh I mean META, has a “Like” button? We like to be liked!

All of these distractions help you procrastinate and prevent you from doing what is important to you.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” ―Pablo Picasso

You can get the same good feeling from actually accomplishing your goals. (I will feel better when I finish this so Amy does not have to hound me, again!) You can find joy in finishing a project, a good book, a fine meal, a walk through the woods, or any of a million other endeavors not requiring electronics.

“If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.” ―Rita Mae Brown

Some of these other endeavors may help you procrastinate but at least you chose the path. You were not lured in with click bait. “You won’t believe what she looks like now?” Endlessly watching YouTube videos is the path to non-compos mentis!

All of this is to say, when you decide you need to do something to make your life better, take it from the people at Nike: Just do it!

If you want to make your financial life better, DON’T PROCRASTINATE! Give me a call. I’ll get back to you soon!

Adron Krekeler


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